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A Focus on Sustainability Season 5

"A FOCUS on SUSTAINABILITY" - SEASON 5  -  Began: September 2017

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Permeable PathwaysWhat's Cookin' in the Soil Kitchen?
Engineered Soils for Permeable Pathways

November 8, 2017  @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am - PST
Presented by Tony Will 
Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper
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Management Badge

Stabilized stonedust / Stabilized decomposed granite – The Natural Choice for permeable ADA-complaint pathways

Stabilized stonedust (also called stabilized decomposed granite) is a permeable paving option that is seeing increased use in recent years. This material is a blend of fine crushed aggregate (3/8" minus) and a water-activated, psyllium based binder. This webinar will explain how this paving material is made, provide pathway design and construction recommendations, best practices for successful performance, and examine some case studies.
Tony Will
Tony Will has more than 35 years in the industry and is responsible for New Product Development and Marketing at Read Custom Soils LLC in Hingham, Massachusetts. Read Custom Soils manufactures precision blended soils for demanding applications such as green roof planting media, bioretention soils. structural soils, reinforced soils, and sand-based soils for golf & athletic fields.

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Solutions in Place of MulchGroundcovers – Ecological Solutions in
Place of Mulch  

November 13, 2017  @ 1pm to 2pm PST

Presented by Dan Jaffe

Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper flower badge
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Pruning, and Less to the Landfill Badge

The ecological garden is a richly layered plant community. At the base of the plant layer we find the herbaceous groundcovers plants that help to reduce garden maintenance. Growing in popularity, groundcover plants add beauty from leaf shapes, textures, and colors. As a bonus, they add valuable ecosystem services not offered by mulch alone – including the challenging areas such as the base of trees. Unlike the monotony of mulch, groundcovers offer seasonal interest in both flowers and foliage and many can also provide fruit for humans or wildlife.

Solutions in Place of Mulch In this webinar, Dan Jaffe will guide us through the process of transforming large areas of mulch into lush groundcover plantings. Dan will discuss native plant options and will provide an overview of plant spacing and techniques for getting the groundcover layer established.

Dan Jaffe is the propagator and stock bed grower at New England Wild Flower Society (NEWFS) in Framingham, Massachusetts. He earned a degree in botany from the University of Maine and an advanced certificate in Native Plant Horticulture and Design from NEWFS. After interning at Garden in the Woods, Mr. Jaffe worked for a year as Plant Sales Coordinator at the Garden.

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Invasive Plant Control  Without ChemicalsInvasive Plant Control Without Chemicals  

December 12, 2017  @ 1pm to 2pm PST
Presented by Mike Bald

Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper  Frog badge
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Badge *

Persistent, Relentless, Tenacious…such are the words we deploy
to describe our nemesis weeds and invasive species. Invasive
plant species colonize degraded landscapes and overtake native plants robbing the area of critical ecosystem services. These exotic plants spread rampantly when they are free of natural checks and balances found in their native range. A handful of high-impact, aggressive non-natives affect soil health, biodiversity, and even land access. Who wants to hack their way through a tangle of unyielding multi-flora rose, common buckthorn, and oriental bittersweet? Rather than turning to chemical options, we too can draw upon Persistence, Relentlessness, and Tenacity to control these invasive plants.
Mike Bald - Invasive Plant Control Without Chemicals
In this webinar, Mike Bald will describe methods to care and control invasive plant species without chemicals. Some invasive species covered will include:
• Japanese Knotweed
• Glossy Buckthorn
• Wild Parsnip
• Multi-flora Rose
• Oriental Bittersweet
Mike Bald has worked with invasive species since 2003 and founded his company (Got Weeds?) in early 2011. Got Weeds? is a Vermont company that uses manual and non-synthetic control methods
to eradicate, contain, or suppress non-native, invasive plants. Mike believes that fine-tuned ecosystems can be protected with vigilance, persistence, patience, education, humility, respect, and cooperation. Mike's focus is on long-term site stewardship, soil health, native plant diversity, and education of landowners. Cooperation across multiple ownerships is also crucial to the control effort. Mike appreciates the importance of healthy habitats, site specificity, and ecosystem resilience; his goal with the treatment programs at Got Weeds? is to demonstrate (with comprehensive documentation) that manual/mechanical methods can succeed over extended timeframes.

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Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend – Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests  

December 15, 2017  @ 9:30 am to 10:30 am PST
Presented by Joe Magazzi

Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper  Frog badge
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Badge *

Biological Products to Fight Diseases and PestsThe use of biological products for growth enhancement and disease and pest control has changed the treatment programs of many organic (and even non-organic) plant, turf and tree care professionals. Joe Magazzi, from Green Earth Ag & Turf, will discuss how advances made in biological products have resulted in effective treatments that target the pest and not the rest.

Joe Magazzi, MS, is the president and co-founder of Green Earth Agriculture, a company that provides eco-friendly products and consulting services to land care professionals and farmers. He has been involved in the research and development of microbial-based products for use in turf care and agriculture for many years. Joe Magazzi has a Master’s degree in genetics (with a microbiology focus) from the University of Connecticut-Storrs. His research has been published in scientific journals such as The New England Journal of Medicine.

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Webinar-A Focus on Sustainability      

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Additional webinars are being scheduled, so please check back often for an updated list of offerings.  

— Kill Your Lawn – And Opt for More Biodiversity

— The Liberated Landscape: Letting Nature Do the Work

— Artful Rainwater Design: Stormwater Designs that Enhance Aesthetics

— Landscape Options – Focusing on Great Underused Plants
— What's Cookin' in the Soil Kitchen? Understanding Engineered Soils
— Groundcovers – Ecological Solutions in Place of Mulch
— Invasive Plant Control Without Chemicals
— The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests

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This webinar series is geared to professionals and gardeners about sustainable landscapes and all the issues that surround this important subject. 

The series is being presented collaboratively by EcoLandscape California (ELC), Ecological Landscaping Alliance (ELA), Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC) & the Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA).  Known regionally for their quality education programs, these organizations are working cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations with landscape professionals from around the country and the globe.

The interactive webinars are taught by experts from across the country and will cover a wide range of topics relevant to sustainable landscapes.

"A Focus on Sustainability" was launched as a free webinar series on sustainable landscaping for professionals in September 2013.

Recorded webinars from:
A Focus on Sustainability –
Season 1, 2, 3, and Season 4 are available now, and are free for All ELC Members in our Members Only Portal.

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