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A Focus on Sustainability Season 5

"A FOCUS on SUSTAINABILITY" - SEASON 5  -  Begins: September 2017

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SITES v2Kill Your Lawn – And Opt for More Biodiversity

September 12, 2017  @ 9:30 am - 10:30 am - PDT
Presented by Mark Richardson
Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper flower badge
Right Plant, Right Place, Wildlife Habitats,
Pruning, and Less to the Landfill Badge *

Lawns are a soul-crushing time suck. Just read the headline
of a recent article on washingtonpost.com. According to NASA,
in the United States more surface area is covered by lawn than by any other single irrigated crop. Lawns are resource-heavy, requiring irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides to thrive in our climate and most of us would be better off reducing or eliminating them altogether. Learn how to
replace your lawn with native plant alternatives that functional, beautiful, and environmentally friendly.

Lisa CowanMark Richardson New England Wild Flower Society. Mark Richardson oversees the New
England Wildflower Society’s botanic garden, Garden in the Woods, and its native plant
nursery operation, Nasami Farm in Whately, Massachusetts. He studied ornamental
horticulture at University of Rhode Island and
helped run a mid-sized ornamental plant nursery before finding his true passion in public
horticulture. He led undergraduate programs at Longwood Gardens, overhauled the curriculum
of the Professional Gardener Program, and
oversaw adult education at Brookside Gardens.
In 2013, Mr. Richardson assisted with the development of the first comprehensive master plan for Garden in the Woods. He holds a MS from the University of Delaware’s Longwood Graduate Program.

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The Liberated Landscape: Letting Nature Do the Work  
September 25, 2017  @ 1pm to 2pm PDT

Presented by Larry Weaner
Qualifies for 1 CEU for the EcoLandscaper flower badge
Right Plant, Right Place, Wildlife Habitats,
Pruning, and Less to the Landfill Badge *

Over thousands of years plants have evolved to reproduce
and proliferate on their own, yet we often go to great effort
and expense to carefully place every plant in our designed landscapes. How can we capitalize on the reproductive abilities
of plants and actively encourage planted as well as existing species to colonize our landscapes? In this lecture, well-known landscape designer Larry Weaner will discuss principles and protocols for creating dynamic,
ecologically rich landscapes where nature does much of the planting.

This webinar will include detailed case studies that
demonstrate how practical plant proliferation strategies
can be applied at diverse scales, from the intimate garden
to large multi-acre landscapes.

Larry Weaner has been creating landscapes focusing on
native plants since 1977. His firm Larry Weaner Landscape Associates has a national reputation for combining ecological restoration with the traditions of garden design. The firm’s
work has received numerous awards, been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Garden Design,
and Landscape Architecture Magazine, among other publications, and been included on tours with The Garden Conservancy, The Cultural Landscape Foundation, and the
American Horticultural Society. Larry lectures throughout the U.S., and in 1990, he founded New Directions in the American Landscape, a conference series with a national following. He recently coauthored Garden Revolution: How Our Landscapes Can Be a Source
of Environmental Change.

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Webinar-A Focus on Sustainability      

This webinar series is geared to professionals and gardeners about sustainable landscapes and all the issues that surround this important subject. 

The series is being presented collaboratively by EcoLandscape California (ELC), Ecological Landscaping Alliance (ELA), Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC) & the Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA).  Known regionally for their quality education programs, these organizations are working cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations with landscape professionals from around the country and the globe.

The interactive webinars are taught by experts from across the country and will cover a wide range of topics relevant to sustainable landscapes.

"A Focus on Sustainability" was launched as a free webinar series on sustainable landscaping for professionals in September 2013.

Recorded webinars from:
A Focus on Sustainability –
Season 1, 2, 3, and Season 4 are available now, and are free for All ELC Members in our Members Only Portal.

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Additional webinars are being scheduled, so please check back often for an updated list of offerings.  

— Artful Rainwater Design: Stormwater Designs that Enhance Aesthetics

— Landscape Options Focusing on Great Underused Plants
— What's Cookin' in the Soil Kitchen? Understanding Engineered Soils
— Groundcovers Ecological Solutions in Place of Mulch
— The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend: Using Biological Products to Fight Diseases and Pests

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